Why Choosing Careers Like Plumbing And HVAC Are So Critical

There’s always been a big push for young adults to attend college after high school, but times have changed, and the trades have taken center stage as of late. Workers are discovering that there are many alternative avenues to lucrative careers that don’t involve signing up for a lifetime of debt or packing on the “freshman 15.”

Skilled trade career options include paths like:

  • Pipefitting and steamfitting
  • HVAC
  • Masonry
  • Electrical work
  • Carpentry
  • Welding
  • Painting
  • Plumbing

These careers are always in high demand, offer steady job security, provide high pay, and don’t require a college degree.

Why the Trades Are So Critical — And Lucrative
The profit potential of skilled trade occupations goes hand-in-hand with their value. Much of the reason master plumber jobs and similar positions offer such high pay is a widespread shortage of skilled workers.

A sizable gap exists between the need for professionals in these fields and their availability. According to Forbes, over three million skilled trade jobs will remain vacant until 2028.

Furthermore, PR Newswire reports that only 16% of students are likely to consider a career in the trades, even though a majority think they offer good career options. They report that the key reason for this disparity is mistaken perceptions.

Many people also misunderstand the value of long-term financial security, have the wrong skill sets for the trades, or lack exposure to people currently in the trades. Finally, the industry continues to be male dominated, which may feel like a barrier for some women. Have you watched HGTV recently? Women are dominating the home construction and rehab market.

Top Reasons to Consider a Career in the Skilled Trades
The bottom line is that the trades offer an impressive array of benefits that don’t require the financial or time-related burden of going to college. While college may be a logical next step for some, for others, completing training and moving on to HVAC installer jobs or entry-level plumbing jobs is the better course.

Good thing, too, because we need HVAC pros and plumbing experts just as much as we need college grads who go on to become doctors, teachers, and nurses. In other words, college isn’t bad — it just isn’t for everyone.

Our loyal customers know that Paraco Gas is one of the leading gas providers in the nation. But we’re proud to say that we’ve expanded our services to include a new plumbing and HVAC branch.

Here are a few reasons why studying trades and choosing skilled trade career paths are worth considering:

  1. There will never be a lack of demand for skilled trade jobs, as people always need these services.
  2. Salaries are high; earn an average of $81,690.
  3. Job security is excellent because people still need heat, plumbing, and electricity even during economic downturns.
  4. You can earn money while training in HVAC apprentice jobs or other trades apprenticeships.
  5. The trades present a golden opportunity for many to skip college and the debt that goes with it.

If you’re unsure whether a career in the trades is right for you, many online resources can help you explore different professions and make an educated decision.

Exploring the different options and trades available can allow you to start a career path that is rewarding and stable long-term. For the right individual, it means the ability to serve other people and put your skills and knowledge to good use.

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