Common Remodeling Projects That Require A Plumber

Home remodeling represents a $400+ billion industry, growing by roughly 4.4% year over year, led by a dramatic uptick in DIY home improvement projects. Whether you’re looking to hire a team or go it alone when updating your residential property, a few common remodeling projects will inevitably require a plumbing expert. From moving drain lines to installing sinks in kitchen islands, there are various services plumbing professionals perform to create a modern and functional setting in different areas of your home.

A Bathroom Update

Bathroom remodeling projects are front and center when giving your home a facelift. Real estate reports reveal the rising importance of master bathrooms in achieving “dream home status.” And one of the best value improvements to any bathroom is high-quality fixture updates. But to properly handle the remodeling of bathroom plumbing systems, it’s important to remember how much can go wrong.

Whether you’re currently undertaking a remodeling project or considering an update to your bathroom fixtures, Paraco offers bathroom remodel plumber expertise. This ensures proper piping, fixtures, appliances, drainage, and more.

A Full Kitchen Remodel

According to recent surveys, kitchen remodeling improves functionality and livability. Homeowners who have completed a kitchen remodel report a greater desire to spend time at home (94%) and a sense of accomplishment when they think about the project (85%).

But nothing will make for a nightmare like a poorly executed plumbing remodel, which is an inherent part of any major kitchen transformation. Mistakes cost you more out of pocket in the long run, and bad initial planning can prevent you from accessing the cost-saving benefits of modern technologies and plumbing techniques.

New Fixtures
Finally, we have direct plumbing remodel projects. These include upgrades to heating systems and installing air quality filtration systems, which according to the Environmental Protection Agency, is one of the most effective ways to remove pollutants and ventilate your home with clean outdoor air.

These upgrades save time and money and provide a safer and more comfortable environment for your loved ones.

Remodeling a Pool or Spa

When your pool is outdated and unsightly, a local plumber can update the internal components by replacing old copper plumbing with PVC materials. They can also add more functionality by installing new auto-fill systems and pool sweep lines. Plumbers can also run the gas lines for your pool heater as well.

The professional will also need to pressure test the plumbing system after removing the deck to determine if any leaks are present.
Select the Best Plumbing Remodeling Services

Whether you hire a professional remodeling team or go it on your own, all home remodeling projects will inevitably include a plumbing remodel to some extent. That means you’ll need to consult with plumbing remodel services before, during, and after the work is completed. Although you can attempt to perform the tasks independently, it can lead to serious mistakes and accidents rarely covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Hiring the right plumbing expert to contribute their services to your remodeling project will result in long-lasting work that enhances the quality of your setting and boosts your home’s value. You can feel proud to show off your newly remodeled home and rely on the professional services for future projects.

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